Hello, Robot.

Vitra Design Museum

Imagine the robots took over our work as designers?! Well, that is exactly what we did. We asked Timo Rychert to create an algorithm for InDesign to shuffle content until we liked what we saw on the page. It took quite some time to adjust to the process but in the end we were extremely satisfied with the suggestions the "Robot" came up with. Then we had to clean the typesetting and do the corrections ... done with the book. Two completely different versions are available ... German and English. Nice work and thank you Mateo Kries, Amelie Klein and all the rest of the Vitra Design Museum to believe in the idea to make it happen. AND - Christoph Niemann for his ever so brilliant illustration on the cover.

Only a few decades ago the robot was still just a figure of science fiction. Nowadays, however, robots and robotic systems seem to be taking over our lives. Design has a key role to play in this process, for it is designers who shape the interface between humans and machines. Hello, Robot. shows intelligent machines in industry and in the military, in children’s rooms and retirement homes, in shopping and sex, in art, computer games, and of course films and literature. Detailed essays and interviews examine how we respond to our increasingly digital, smart, and autonomous environment. They illuminate our – often ambivalent – relationship with these new technologies and broaden our view of the ethical and political questions they raise. With contributions and works by Douglas Coupland, Dunne & Raby, Gesche Joost, Robotlab, Bruce Sterling, and many others.

The layout for Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine was devised by an algorithm.

Dine With Me

Schauspiel Frankfurt

It’s the Schauspiel Frankfurt’s director, Oliver Reese’s last season in Frankfurt before he’s moving on to become director at the famous Berliner Ensemble, Berthold Brecht’s theatre. So the idea was not to far to create sort of a farewell, good bye, never see you again, dinner party with all the actors and closest friends and enemies, for season magazine’s shooting by Lukas Gansterer(one of our close allies when it comes to stunts like this ---- a one night shoot-out for a season magazine) One can imagine what would have happened if this shooting went wrong?!? Illustrations? However, it turned out great and everyone had a lough, too much to drink and a big hangover the next day. That’s what we call a proper session.

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